Grenn Fees & Golf Cart Rentals

You must live OUTSIDE Adair County to play golf for green fees.

Monday thru Friday Saturday-Suday & Holidays Golf Cart Rental
$15 - 9 Holes
$25 - 18 Holes
$20 - 9 Holes
$30 - 18 Holes
$12 - 9 Holes
$18 - 18 Holes

Additional Holes: 9 holes for $10

Adair County non-member residents will be allowed to play NO MORE than 3 times per year and must be accompanied by a member when playing.


All guests must register with name, phone, and address at the bar.

Golf Rules

 Please observe all rules and etiquette!

Place all trash, bottles and cans in proper receptacles.


1. Please register in the clubhouse before playing.  If no one is available to collect green fees, please place them in an envelope and drop in the box in the lower west entrance.


2. Slow players, regardless of number or age, should let others play through.  If you are invited to play through please do so, unless you are finishing playing.


3. Parents are responsible for their children driving golf carts.


4. Dress Code: Shirt and spikeless shoes are to be worn at all times by everyone.


5. Do not put bags or carts on greens or tees.


6. Do not lean on clubs on greens or tees.


7. Please drive in the rough as much as possible.



8. Replace all divots on fareways and repair ball marks on greens.


9. No private alcohol is allowed on the premises.  All liquor and beer consumed on the premises must be purchased through the bar.


10. Please be considerate of beginning golfers.  They may not know the rules; kindly explain them.


11. Limit your group to 5 members, unless you are playing two-ball or best shot.



Juvenile Discipline Policy

     If a child is observed acting irresponsibly, the parents/guardians will be contacted immediately.  Golfing privileges may be suspended if the board deems necessary.  No dues or fees will be refunded by the Greenfield Golf and Country Club in the event of a suspension.

Guest Policy

Prospective memebers may play golf with a member one time for green fees.


Children on family memberships may bring guests if accompanied by an adult member.  Guest age 13 and older must pay green fees.


College students on full family memberships may bring guests for green fees without adult sponsorship.


Single members may bring their dates to the club at all appropriate times and may play golf for the required green fees.


Members may bring their grandchildren age 12 and under to play golf for no charge.  Older grandchildren may play subject to green fees.


Student members may not bring guests.

Stags, Stagettes, and Social Events

     Guests are required to pay green fees.  You must be a high school graduate or age equivalent to participate in stag or stagette.  Stagettes begin on Tuesday at 5:30pm.  All golfers, including members of the golf team are welcome to play until 5:30pm on Tuesdays through May and until 5:00pm through the summer.  Stags begin at 12:00pm on Wednesday.  All golfers including students may play until 12:00pm on Wednesday.  Food for Stags, Stagettes, and Social Events shall be arreanged for and purchased by their respective committees and those attending.  Food may not be charged to the Greenfield Golf and Country Club.  Depending on the event, an amount per person may be charged and food costs reimbursed.


Greenfield Golf

& Country Club
2094 State Hwy 92

P.O. Box 96
Greenfield, IA 50849
(641) 743-2113

9 Hole Golf Course

Over 2969 yards

Par of 35
Est. in 1935
Greenfield, Iowa

Board of Directors


Tom Anderson


Vice President

Lee Williamson



Craig Plymesser



Ken Eddy

Steve Jensen

Lee Williamson

Rose Grantham

Claude Rees